Let’s talk on the coolest and trendy topic and its amazing features towards it…

Are you looking forward to increasing traffic on your Instagram profile than I am sure this tips will surely make your way?

If you are engaged with your social media activities so often than you might be knowing that Instagram is one of the most popular places to remain connected with the public on social media. From past few years, it has approximately reached over 400million monthly users. And because of such a massive quantity of uses, you will find users coming from all over the world & will also find people engaging in all sort of niche accounts.

As much fun, you have on Instagram with sharing photos and stories updates & other great things, On the other hand, it is also a very powerful tool for business. Well, It is the perfect time to get your Instagram on. It is an extremely powerful tool for building an online business.

Now, let’s dive into the topic from where we started. So, here are the most effective ways to increase traffic on Instagram.

Firstly, Optimize your profile.

Your profile is the first and foremost that will create a massive impact on your potential followers. The main components of your profile one should focus on.

Profile Picture

Username & tagline


Website URL

Use the link in your bio effectively. As, this link will send all your Instagram followers to the ideal location(could be a blog, homepage, landing page, lead page or any). To keep track records for the clicks it is recommended to use the custom link(like or any other service). You need to take the people to the link in your bio in order to really dive the traffic. Use the call-to-action method in your posts. Inviting people to click on the post where you want to take them to your page.

Secondly, Put great visuals.

Use appealing images. To make a connection with Instagram users you have to make sure that your uploads are of top quality. Your uploads should be reflecting or in limelight not just stand-alone items. Make use of filters and effects to make your post or upload effectively. Use effective images to showcase your business.

Thirdly, Make creative video uploads.

Make your business branding effective by creating amazing videos. You can go for how-to videos, answer the questions frequently, show celebrations, offer greetings. Also, you can use for connecting with the audience and let them make a visit to your website for detailed information.

Fourth, #Hashtags #Hashtags

It is the core important part of Instagram. You can also say it is a powerful builder that helps to increase the traffic. Use hashtags that are important & relevant to your business or industry. Overusage will also sometime kills your posting. 5-10 per post is likely to be more than enough.

Fifth, Use Exclusive content.

At every other post, your content should maintain uniqueness. Make sure that the showcase images and offers you promote on Instagram are not the same on the other social media sites. Otherwise, there is no reason to follow on Instagram for the people. Your Instagram content should be unique and attractive. Offer exclusive promotions and discounts to dive in more traffic.

Sixth, Be active and engaging.

If you really want to grow your audience & create brand awareness, then it is the best place to look forward into. But for that, you must be constantly active with your audience. Like and comment on other posts. Share effective content regularly to show your presence to Instagram. When people respond to your post or comment make sure that you also respond in return to their comments. Also, do not forget to write @mentionname so that they see your response.

To become more active with the audience, ask questions and invite them to the conversions. Follow up the people that are categorized in your industry aspect. If you have followers in 100’s and 1000’s and you follow only 10% to them that doesn’t find effective.

Last but not least, Always work with a strategy.

Just like other social media sites if you don’t have a strategy, you won’t be able to drive the traffic with success. You need to know the algorithm and analytics for the Instagram working. From the researched sources I have found that Iconosquare is best in practice for Instagram analytics.

So, these were some of the best practices to dive in the traffic to your website and are 100% profitable for any Instagram account to have a traffics to your website. Have a deep look over them and understand the strategy behind them for successful business growth with Instagram as an online business tool.

I hope it was useful to and will also help your business too.