“The website”– A crucial part of the business world. Your business might be small or huge in rage but to gain a standalone place in the market one needs to have on domain website. That helps your business growth, as visitors visit the website and let them know about your business. You can say branding awareness about your business.

Now, let’s take a minute and think, What if your website doesn’t load properly? What if, it doesn’t display content properly? What if, it doesn’t support browser compatibility? What if, the content written doesn’t deliver the message properly?

Many questions at a time. How to get rid of all of them? In this blog, I will share a few techniques related, how to speed up your website and gain traffic by boosting up the website?

First, The Content – Hardcore part of the content
Make fewer HTTP requests
Avoid redirects
Reduce DNS Lookups
Minimize no. of iframes
Avoid 404s
Make Ajax Cacheable
Minify the codes
Specify a character set

Second, Server
Use a content delivery network(CDN)
Configure eTags
Use GET for java requests
Avoid empty image src
Add cache control header
Gzip components

Third, Cookie
Reduce cookie size
Use cookie-free domains for components

Fourth, CSS (Cascading style sheet)
Avoid CSS expressions
Choose over @import
Put stylesheets at the top
Avoid filters

Fifth, Javascript
Minify Javascript and CSS
Remove duplicate scripts
Develop smart Event Handlers
Minimize DOM access
Put scripts at the bottom

Sixth, Images
Do not scale image in HTML
Make favicon.ico small and cacheable
Optimize images
Optimize CSS sprites

Seventh, Mobile
Pack components to multipart Document
Keep components under 25KB

So, coming on conclusion these were the listed points one should look over if you are owing a website. No one would like to have decreasing compatibility ratio for the website traffic. Slow speed also affects your website at the ranking stage on the google page and SEO too and many other problems.

So, these were the few techniques which will surely help you to boost up or speed up your website and will also increase traffic to the website.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog.