Business- Categorized as Offline and Online Business. Well, to handle offline business it is dam easy to get set go but on the other hand, coming for an online business it’s just vice-versa. For an online business, it becomes a bit tricky to handle on the part of web designing. Because without a website online business is not possible.

Yes, you can go for promoting your business through SMM but it is just a medium or acts as a source through which you can do promotion of your business. People who want to interact with you will find the base for the same so again it comes to the Website.

Now, making or designing a website is not a big question instead the question lies here is “How will be the design?”. Here also you get two options, either to go for Customized Wed Design OR Web Design Template?

Tricky to choose, Right? In this blog, I am going to clear your vision for which option to choose or what will be the best for your business?

Before moving further, let’s understand what the term Web Design mean? It is a creation of layout of webpage or website.

Let’s have a quick turn-around between both the terms. Choosing a Custom Web Design OR Web Design template.

Why go for Custom Website Design?

The uniqueness of the Design

Your website is for sure to the one only of its kind. None out of millions of websites will look exactly like yours.

Complete website customization.

A wide range of options will be available to choose. Your custom design will match your existing branding.

Get advanced functionality.

The website will be compatible with user-friendly interaction (i.e. will be desktop and mobile friendly).

You will be the owner of your website.

Once your website is built, you will own 100% of it.


You just have to get perfect communication with the developer team to have the best website look and all come out with the best.

What Custom Website Design costs?

Approximately, it will cost around $2,000 to $4,000. I think it is worthy because it covers all aspects of Complete website design, hosting, planning 7 research, custom sitemap, images and graphics creation, quality assurance check. Also, it takes less time to design a custom website than to go for choosing a Website template.

Why not go for Website Design Template?

Uniqueness is nil.

You won’t find any uniqueness to the website features. As you might have the same web design as there are for other business.Even if you pay for the template than also there will be other businesses in the market that will be using the same template.

Example, if you take an e-commerce website then you will find many similarities with the design. So, this will not make you stand out in the business market competition. You will not find any uniqueness.

Customization will be on a limited basis.

There will be a limited variety of customization option available for you.

There will be Limited functionality.

The template chosen by you may not be completely responsive or mobile friendly. Although now you can get ready bootstrap templates than to it becomes a bit difficult to understand and review its coding and links.

No ownership.

You will not have complete ownership over your website design as it is a shared template with everyone.


Now if you go for template-based website designing then you will be responsible for searching perfect website template, will have to find a reliable host and launching a complete website will be on you.

Costing for a template-based website?

A good template file will cost you around $50 to $150 and also have to pay addition to the designers and developers for the customization. So, it will take approx 2 to 3 months to get a complete package of the website. This consumes more time than custom website designing.

I think idea gets cleared over here from the above notes that which to choose and is effective for your business investment terms.

Custom website designing will be the best effective solution than going for Template-based website design.