In today’s blog, we will have a small discussion on HTML and its Inline style, also how it affects at the time of SEO. Well, as per the searching goes through, the Inline CSS is not harmful but yes it causes some minor problems at the time of SEO.

If we go for technically than the code for the page delivered has no impact on SEO services. SEO has a concern with ranking to the Google page. So, Google ranks a page on the factor the users will see, not on the design and development factor, that how pretty your design is. So we can say that Inline CSS are not the factors for Google. The only thing that matters here is time and performance at the time of SEO. According to the sources, for SEO, at the time of download, the code must be downloaded as faster as it can (approx 7 sec.). If it slowers or takes more time to download than Googlebot will worst your SEO ranking.

So, if it slowers than users stop using your code for use. Google notices this all things at the time of SEO and will provide a worse ranking. Also, having Inline CSS means it can’t be caught between page loads, so the first page will be viewed faster well as subsequent pages will take time to load. As a result, Inline CSS like this way is harmful at the time for SEO.

Best Practices one should prefer for External CSS. As it has its own advantage for use like:

It separates Content from design.
Makes maintenance easy.
Keeps your site current longer.
Keeps your site accessible.
Whereas using Inline CSS causes a problem like:

Inline styles don’t separate content from design. It causes maintenance headaches. They are not as accessible (Extra characters and text can affect at the time of page viewed by search engine robot, too, so your page doesn’t do well in terms of SEO.) Inline styles make your pages bigger. On the Conclusion part we can say that Inline CSS is not harmful but yes it affects the loading speed for any website and alternatively, it also affects at the time of SEO as SEO is based on ranking. So, if your site will show loading and speed problems It will affect the SEO ranking.